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I Like Fat Girls

That?s not just meat on those poor, overstressed bones- it?s FAT!! Cubic yards of thick, jiggling blubber that got there in just one way, by stuffing their bloated bellies with second and third helpings of EVERYTHING! But the dessert they love most is a hard dick up their creamy cooze! When they have that much […]

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I Like Fat Girls 8

I Like Fat Girls 8
These massive mamas are so horny to fuck that they almost forgot to eat… just kidding! These large ladies NEVER skip a meal, especially if it’s to get enough calories to fuck all night long! But you’ve got to be smart, you can’t take these BBWs to just any dinner, you’d go broke! Go for the all you can eat buffet. For only a nut full, you’ll get the ride of your life! Just feed ’em and fuck ’em! Now you’ve got a fat girl that wants you for dessert!!

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Big Fat Hairy Lesbian Orgy

They?re banging huge, these humongous, bloated broads never met a calorie they didn?t like?or eat. And now they?re so horny, there?s nothing left to eat except each other! So stare in amazement as these massive mountains of overstuffed flesh spread their hairy, cavernous cunts and gorge themselves with the fattest fingers, longest tongues and bravest […]

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Veronika Kougar in Wide Load Nymphos

Veronika Kougar in Wide Load Nymphos Wide Load Nympho Veronika Kougar always catches her prey, and her prey is always a horny bastard with a large shaft. Her object of juggy affection here is stunt-cock JT, who was going through his short-lived Taxi Driver phase. Veronika may have caught him and tied him to a […]

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I Like Fat Girls 2

Like? em BIG? We mean really HUGE! Do you want to wrap your hands around tits bigger than watermelons? Well, we?ve got four of the biggest reasons you?ll ever see to avoid those second helpings (they never did). They say fat girls love to fuck and these extra large reasons to cum are no exception. […]

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